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25 Oct. 2019 - 3 min Watch and Read

Effect of a black hole's gravitational pull on neutrinos path

Walkthrough of simulation data generated at the MSSL UCL by Tom Kimpson et al.


Alex Kitching

Co-founder and CEO at Lume

- Ray 55 in Group 6 is on a direct collision path with the Black Hole​ and has a 23% lower Neutrino count than other Rays.
- The lower localisation count in Groups 1, 2 and 10 is due to the simulation algorithm having a lower precision further away from the Blackhole event.
- Neutrinos Y in Ray Groups X

Additional information:

  • Tom Kimpson, PhD student in Theoretical Astro @ MSSL, UCL. More details here. 
  • Dr. Peter Llewelyn Taylor also took part in generating the data. More details here.