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Data reporting and command centre solution for the enterprise. Detect patterns. Present insights to anyone anywhere.

A VR platform for data exploration and collaboration

Working with The Lee Lab at Cambridge University, Lume is the most powerful VR software for analysts to better explore, comprehend, manipulate and share their data. 


How does it work?

View Your Data in VR

Drag and drop any data into VR and view your datasets from an entirely new perspective. Lume truly allows you to rediscover your data.

Seeing is Believing

Using the Vive controllers, you or your clients can navigate through the data, grab it and interact with it, understand it. Bring your data to life.

Investigate Patterns

Once in VR, you will have access to tools to help you understand what you are seeing. A whole range of data exploration tools can be accessed to uncover new insights from the data.

Share your data insights

Make your insights stand-out by using Lume to communicate with clients, your colleagues across the world or engage audiences with your work at events or on social media platforms.

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Jane Humphrey - PhD at Cambridge University - Biophysics

"Having the real data all around you in VR aids intuitive understanding and pattern recognition"

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